I provide the following editorial services.

Copy Editing: Corrects errors in mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and style; checks for internal consistency; may involve slight content revision at the heaviest level. Prices range from $0.01/word (1 cent per word) to $0.04/word (4 cents per word) depending on level of editing needed and number of rounds of edits.

  • Corrects errors in mechanics and usage
  • Ensures consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization
  • Marks inappropriate figures of speech and ambiguous or incorrect words
  • Keeps track of continuity and internal consistency.
  • Eliminates wordiness
  • Smoothes transitions
  • Moves placement of sentences to provide better flow
  • Suggests additions and deletions.

Proofreading: Occurs after text has been copy edited as a final step before publication (often after layout has occurred); corrects basic mechanical errors (e.g., typos, subject-verb disagreement, word usage, and misspellings). Fee: $0.005/word. (half a cent per word)


Are you an indie author?

Line Editing: I am part of the editing team at Indie Books Gone Wild. If you are an indie author, please visit the IBGW website for information about getting a full line reading (checking grammar, punctuation, POV, plot, characterization, flow, tension, storyline, word count, redundancy, tenses, and every other manner of novel content) as well as an included proofread by an IBGW proofreader (see IBGW for rate chart). Just make sure to select my name (Karen) when you fill out the form for editing. Thanks!


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